May. 30th, 2012

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Hey guys!

I know we’re creeping up on that IT’S BEEN TWO MONTHS SINCE YOU LAST UPDATED!!! mark, and I’ve started getting a few comments and emails about it so I figured I’d pop in real quick and make the usual promises to have a new chapter up soon. Unfortunately, spring is my absolute BUSIEST season at work, and I’m coming off of working seven straight 6-day weeks in a row and I’ve been pulling double shifts and extra hours all over the place, so I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around writing anything. But on the bright side, things die pretty quickly after the busy rush, so I’ll have lots of free time soon! The benefits of working in the school picture business, haha – there ISN’T any school during the summer!

Also, admittedly, what free time I’ve had has been totally and completely sucked up by the Avengers and, FOR SOME REASON, Tony/Loki. Oh my god. Have you guys seen the movie yet? If you haven’t, WHY NOT??! Go. Go, right now! NOW. I’ve seen it four times and already have plans to see it at least twice more. It’s freaking awesome. /obsessed and pathetic and IN LOVE

...Anyway. >.> I’m leaving for Florida tomorrow and I won’t be back until Tuesday, but next weekend should be nice and relaxed and lazy so I should finally be able to make some progress on the next chapter! Bear with me, loves, it won’t be too much longer! And we’re kinda sorta (but not really) coming up on the end, so hopefully I’ll be able to bang some updates out without so long a wait in between in the next coming months!

Thanks for sticking with me!!! I’ll be back soon with something more exciting~ ♥


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