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Maxine ([personal profile] maxine_chan) wrote2012-07-17 09:09 am


Sorry, sorry, sorry!!! You guys, I am so sorry, I really wanted to have the next Answers chapter up by now but I’m just -- I'm having a major case of ‘ooohhh, shiny new fandom~~ *___*’ and I can’t get the Avengers or Marvel out of my head. I’m trying, I really am, but getting this next chapter written is like pulling teeth at the moment. And that’s honestly the only terrible excuse I have, because computer time isn’t an issue at present. It’s just focusing that’s an issue. I keep getting sidetracked with the endless Tony/Steve and slightly less endless Tony/Loki fics out there and it’s both horrible and awesome at the same time.

Answers will be updated, though. And SOON. It will not be abandoned again, I promise you that. It doesn’t help that this chapter has a lot of action and stuff, I always have a harder time writing that. But I’m working on it! I love you guys for your patience. ♥

But actually, what I really wanted to post about -- SO HOW ABOUT THAT AVPM 3 NEWS???

A Very Potter Senior Year.

I about died when I saw that yesterday, and then was bemoaning the fact that I wasn’t going to LeakyCon. But then, in a fit of crazy ridiculousness, I decided that, well, I could be going. Chicago is only from Baltimore, ahaha...ha. >.> And the Saturday pass is $90 and the StarKid Event thing is $30 and who needs an extra $120 in their pocket, right, might as well blow it on a 3-hour thing that basically the entire AVPM cast including DARREN CRISS will be at and--

Long story short, I AM NOW GOING TO LEAKYCON!!! And the StarKid Event!!

Sooooooo excited, hahaha. I’m going with my sister and a friend and we’re basically driving out Friday night, staying for Saturday, and then leaving early Sunday so that we can all be back at work Monday morning. :|

I don’t even know. But I can’t wait.

Is anyone else going?? I’ve never been to a Leaky convention before. I did Lumos and Prophecy way back when, and they were amazing, but they were HPEF cons (forever sad I missed the last one this year -- Ascendio sounded like it was awesome!). Are they very different? Anyone have any idea? And does anyone have any extra floor space they wouldn’t mind sharing?

Anyway, that’s it. Haven’t been to a Harry Potter convention since 2007, and even though I’m only going to be at this one for one day and have no plans and don’t even know what’s going on other than the StarKid thing and THIS IS ALL VERY LAST MINUTE, I’m really, really looking forward to it. So maybe I’ll see some of you there!! :D

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