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Maxine ([personal profile] maxine_chan) wrote2012-02-10 01:56 pm

SWAS stuff

I've been getting a lot of emails and messages lately wondering where all the fanart for SWAS is, since my website kind of...doesn't exist anymore, haha. And I know it can be found scattered throughout all the chapters, but there were so many icons and pictures and stuff that I figured it would probably be easiest if I gathered everything together in one place so I could just link to it. So I edited the code I used on the website and made it LJ-friendly, and voilĂ !


Fanart, banners, icons, the beta battle [ profile] goldie and [ profile] miints did -- everything is there! And I've linked to it in the epilogue of SWAS, too. Hopefully all the credits are correct. Way back when, I did my best to save everything and keep the names of who drew/colored/created it all. Although, if you feel like something is missing, let me know. Man, so many memories!! :D

Anyway, enjoy!

...As for Answers, just waiting to get the chapter back and then it will go up. Except for on, unless they get their act together and fix the sign-in page. Anyone have any idea what's going on over there?? It's been down since last night!

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