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SWAS stuff

I've been getting a lot of emails and messages lately wondering where all the fanart for SWAS is, since my website kind of...doesn't exist anymore, haha. And I know it can be found scattered throughout all the chapters, but there were so many icons and pictures and stuff that I figured it would probably be easiest if I gathered everything together in one place so I could just link to it. So I edited the code I used on the website and made it LJ-friendly, and voilĂ !


Fanart, banners, icons, the beta battle [ profile] goldie and [ profile] miints did -- everything is there! And I've linked to it in the epilogue of SWAS, too. Hopefully all the credits are correct. Way back when, I did my best to save everything and keep the names of who drew/colored/created it all. Although, if you feel like something is missing, let me know. Man, so many memories!! :D

Anyway, enjoy!

...As for Answers, just waiting to get the chapter back and then it will go up. Except for on, unless they get their act together and fix the sign-in page. Anyone have any idea what's going on over there?? It's been down since last night!
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OMG! So much nostalgia, honey. Brings back the ol' days, when Goldie was the first flister I ever met, and SWAS was new (and panty-melting, but that bit hasn't changed).


(man, I'm so hanging out for Answers to be finished - I have a little one-girl cheer-squad going on here every time a new chapter goes up)


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Seriously, nostalgia like whoa!! Haha, I was having so much last night when I was posting all that stuff. I hadn't looked at a lot of it in a really long time! Still can't believe SWAS got that much art. :D

lakjhf every time you say that I get excited all over again for you to read it. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait!

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Oh yayyyyyy!!!!!! I've always wondered about the fan art that was mentioned!!
*scurries off to click away*

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Yeah, I think a post like this was long overdue, haha! At least it's all easily accessible now! :D

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I've only just come back to LJ from a long (as in years long) hiatus and seeing this post makes me so happy! I'd forgotten about the banner I'd made for SWAS and I'd like to apologise for my bad photoshop skills. Haha
I'm going to have to go back and re-read this fic, I've been out of fandom for an eternity.

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Haha, don't apologize!! I love everything that was done for SWAS. :DD And WELCOME BACK. I'm only just back into fandom fairly recently myself and it's been awesome. Great place to revisit! ♥