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Hey guys!

Sorry for the total lack of a new chapter. I have excuses galore, which I'm sure nobody wants to hear, but -- I'm not even sure where January has disappeared to, to be honest! It's my busiest month at work for the winter season, so I've been putting in a lot of extra hours. I went to NYC two weekends in a row to see Darren Criss on Broadway. My mom spent three nights in the hospital because she had bilateral pneumonia.

Annnd today my laptop decided it didn't want to turn on. So I'm actually posting this from my phone. The power button just...stopped working, which is totally lame. I have to send it to Dell so they can fix it, and they told me it could take up to ten business days.


I'm not sure when I'll be able to update. My hard drive should be fine, so at least I won't have to start the chapter over (hopefully), but yeah. Just wanted to let you guys know!

Really sorry!!! Kind of been in a writing slump for the past month or so, but by the time I get my laptop back I think I definitely will have had a long enough break.


Laptops bad!

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I hate your laptop. (just your laptop, you know I adore you to bits :D ) But at least it can be fixed! Really loving this story so very much, it seems to be heating back up (the action/plot part *innocent eyes*) and things are moving along. I like how you've got the boys all uncertain about things, both physical and emotional, and how they're now having to get used to a new way of looking and thinking about things. Can't wait to see the next chapter!!!

Thanks for the lovely words, Christina

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Yeah, I was extremely frustrated when it just up and died on me! It was the weirdest thing, it worked fine in the morning and then when I got home from work -- nothing! But it's all good now, and they even replaced some other parts and my laptop look all shiny and new again. So yay!

And thank you so, so much!!! It's really awesome to hear that you're enjoying the story. :D I'm hoping to get the next chapter up on Friday!

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Hey! I adore your writing, and I've added you as a friend. Hope this is okay :)

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Totally okay!! Thank you so much, I'm glad you like my writing! :D