maxine_chan: (OP - Sanji YOSH)
Maxine ([personal profile] maxine_chan) wrote2011-11-18 12:04 pm


Hey guys! Hope you all enjoyed the last chapter!


I just wanted to drop this link here from my other journal, in case anyone was curious. It’s a ridiculously crazy long recap of my weekend, complete with pictures! Looots and lots of pictures. Seriously, though, it was so much fun. Best weekend ever!!

Also, just a head’s up, the next chapter is probably going to be late. I haven’t actually started writing it yet – sorry!! To be honest, I can’t get my head on straight enough to do it. Still in awe from last weekend! And my cousins are coming over this weekend and next week is Thanksgiving and my mom has some medical stuff going on and – it’s just a very busy week coming up, haha. I’ll do my best! But it’s very likely I won’t be posting anything until the following Friday.

Off to reply to some reviews! Enjoy that post, if you decide to check it out. It’s flocked, but I’ll friend anyone. :Db

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