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So I'm just going to throw some random links out there and you guys should friend me on all these sites! :D

RL livejournal:




...Right, so you get the point. I'm basically 'serasarahhhh' everywhere, haha. I'm extremely creative. :|



I'm ScarletRain86 over there. Somehow I sorted Gryffindor, which I really wasn't expecting. Usually I sort Ravenclaw on all those online quiz things. But whatever, I'll chill with Harry and his friends, it's cool. XD


And just out of curiosity, is anyone else going to the Harry Potter Celebration in Orlando in November?

I think that's it. This isn't really an exciting post, haha.


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HOW DID YOU GET 86?! I'm jealous, I want my birth year! I'm MugwumpNimbus80, and am totally about to friend you. Also Gryffindor, much to my relief!

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Haha, I HAVE NO IDEA! But it's the only reason I went with that username. I tried like three different times and only ONCE got anything even remotely Harry Potter-ish. But I haven't gotten an email for that account yet, so I'll probably end up handing it off to my sister.

GRYFFINDOR FOR THE WIN!!! We need to get out of third place!

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I'M TRYING TO BREW A POTION. WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONGGGGG :( (I only got my letter yesterday & promptly freaked the hell out)

and LOL. This is the only account I got, and the username cracked me up way too much to not use. MUGWUMP. NIMBUS. WHAT.

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My account won't even let me brew potions anymore for some reason, it's super lame. Whenever you click the 'come back later' thing it just starts it over. I've seen a lot of other people talking about the same glitch, I don't know what the deal is!!

IT'S A PRETTY AWESOME NAME. My other one is...firebolt something. I don't even remember, haha.

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Except Pottermore. My name is SilverQuill85.

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Oh cool, you ended up getting an account?? OR ARE YOU JOKING.

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NO I'M TOTALLY JOKING. ;________________;

But I'll get one when they become possible for people who don't see a computer from 9:00-6:00 to get! If only because I need to be sorted.

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They varied the times the clue went up each day, but it was retarded that the one zone they DIDN'T hit was the after work hours for U.S. people. I think I got mine at like 3am the first night, haha.

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Yeah, I totally stalked you guys talking about the times to do it and I was like: "Oh gosh darnit. I can't do ANY of these." Luckily, I am patient enough to wait. (And at this rate, I'm waiting just as long as some of you guys too!)

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Yeah, really! I'm surprised it's taking so long for some people. I wonder if they're going to drag out the "early admission" all the way till like...the day before it opens. Hopefully not!

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Still havent gotten my pottermore email

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Man, seems like a lot of people haven't! Maybe you will soon!

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Ew no, why would i want to hang out with you

i hope sooooo

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Well fine, gosh. I was just being polite but I definitely don't want to hang out with you either!

What was your name again? ...Actually I might have already sent you a friend request, haha. I can't remember.

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Ok fine, I'll hang out with you.

I have no idea, it is on my twitter somewhere...

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Haha, luckily you don't tweet much so it probably wouldn't be hard to find. LATER, THOUGH. Bedtime now.

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Adding you on tumblr, ho. Also, I haven't gotten my Pottermore email yet. At this point I just want to have a wand and get sorted. :(

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Added you back! Haha, I think those are the main two things everyone wants to do. What's your username? I think I can go ahead and add you!

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Well, from what I've been reading, the site doesn't have a lot to offer once you finish Book 1, but it's cool, I guess. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes they make once it opens in October. My username is MistCharm2!